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An Information System for Healthy Eating

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The foodcounts® database of fundamental foods

 The aim:  provide quick access to nutrition information and in a wide choice of formats.

Method:  although there are tens of thousands of food products available in the UK,  there are fewer than 300 common or fundamental foods that make up the core ingredients. We have therefore constructed our database around these 300 foods, clustering sub-types, and related types, in a logically progressive sequence.

Step 1  Locate a "fundamental food" by either:
a] keying-in the text of the word
b] selecting from a drop-down list [in alphabetical order]
c] select from drop-down list [in category order]

Step 2  Navigate through prompts to arrive at the required food

Step 3  Your selected food item reveals a colour-coded summary of  the main nutrition elements: red is high, amber is medium and green is low [relative to all other foods].

Step 4  [Available only to foodcounts® subscribers] Follow the prompts for more detailed nutrition information -  and connections to a wide range of personal monitoring applications.

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Please note this a simulation only. It was part of the Foodcounts system originally developed under the name of Consensus Software